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Building Bridges

Building Bridges

I collapsed into the camp chair, every inch of my body caked in salty sweat. Sweating was almost useless in the humidity.  I had drunk at least three liters of water that day, but my mouth was still parched, unlike my clothes, hair, hat.  Clay’s hand were on his hips...

The Fifteen Hour Friend

The Fifteen Hour Friend

“How did you meet” seems to be a question reserved for the happenstance that led to one being coupled. True friends, so the thinking goes, are the ones you've known so long that you cannot even remember not knowing them, much less how you met. The Life Bus is...

Photo Challenge:  Prolific

Photo Challenge: Prolific

Here's what rush hour in Evergreen, CO can look like.  As is fitting, this prolific elk herd is making its way over the road towards Elk Meadow Open Space.  Elk Meadow is one of several terrific open space trail systems that can be found in Evergreen, CO....

La Isla Bonita:  Holbox, Mexico

La Isla Bonita: Holbox, Mexico

Ok, I'm not going to lie, re-entry after 5 days on Isla Holbox, has been very, very challenging for me.  I wake up remembering that oh yeah, I actually do have to wear shoes, and, no I can't just walk everywhere barefoot.  I'm bummed that I can't just order a...

Le Grand Raid

Le Grand Raid

I felt my foot slip out from under me and completely off the trail. The rest of my body quickly followed suit.  As I hung there, dangling, clinging to a small tree, my feet finding no purchase, all I could think was, why am I still holding on? It was maybe mile sixty...

Favorite Place:  Family Cabin

Favorite Place: Family Cabin

In thinking about the Favorite Place challenge, I thought immediately about this humble little place in the Rockies.  The roots that bind me to this little old miner's cabin near Boulder, CO run very deep.   My father's family has been in the Boulder area since the...


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