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Images of Iceland’s Iconic Ponies

Although there was so much to love about Iceland, my absolute favorite thing were the wild ponies!!  I couldn't get enough.  I must have a thousand photos of these beautiful, sturdy, stoic creatures.  They were...

Hut to Hut on Iceland’s Beautiful Laugavegur Trail

I remember vividly the Greyhound-size bus navigating hair-pin turns, passing other vehicles, and being relentlessly bounced around on the bumpiest and narrowest of roads in the Highlands of...

Building Bridges

I collapsed into the camp chair, every inch of my body caked in salty sweat. Sweating was almost useless in the humidity.  I had drunk at least three liters of water that day, but my mouth was still parched, unlike my clothes, hair, hat.  Clay’s hand were on his hips...

Hiking Hope Lake … Nature’s Bounty on Full Display

When the Life Bus went to Durango at the end of August to celebrate our brother's wedding, we spent a few days in Telluride adventuring together there.  (See Just a Darn Good Day Paddling in Telluride post).  We were recommended this hike by the great people at our...

Farmstay Perfection in Slovenia… with One of the Coolest Hot Tubs Ever

During the planning process for our trip to Slovenia, after much Google searching, I stumbled across a website that talked about farmstays in Slovenia (Slotrips).  This serendipitous website find turned out to...

Survival: Tips to Avoid Backcountry Peril As I have written about before, I am a 14 year member of Alpine Rescue Team, located in Evergreen, CO.  Alpine Rescue Team has been safely rescuing people having a bad day in the mountains for 60 years.  We are a proud...

Get on the Bus

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did.

Mark Twain

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photo of three mountain bikers on hilly plain in Bellvue Colorado near Fort Collins
photo of seven mountain hikers carrying packs in a line on a misty trail
photo of herd of elk crossing highway in Evergreen Colorado at rush hour
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If you were wondering what kinds of information and adventures you would find on this blog, check out these photos.  They will give you a glimpse into the places we Life Busers have ventured and what kinds of things we like to do.

Plan Your Perfect Trip

There may not be any such thing as a perfect trip, but you can certainly get close by doing the proper advance work. Start by creating a checklist of all of the gear that you believe you will be needing. Research. Ask around. Find out what other people bring. 

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