Hello world!

Welcome to the Life Bus! So I’m guessing you might be wondering what exactly is the “Life Bus?”  The Life Bus is a concept that grew out of a group of very close friends who collectively had that a-ha moment at dinner one night.   We were all talking about what our dreams are and realized that we all had the same ultimate goals in life …. to be masters of our own destiny, to explore every nook and cranny of the world, to eat the whole apple of life … not just take a bite of it, to make life a journey of adventures, to always take the road less traveled, to challenge ourselves out of our comfort zones, and to allow the wonder of each day to unfold before us. We all decided we should spend a year (or more) traveling around together in a bus exploring our world.  To just explore without any pre-planned itinerary.  Well, we are still working on having that master plan come to fruition.

In the meantime, we decided that we could, and must, live that philosophy every day – not waiting until we were on the bus.  We are all living that philosophy in our day-trips, weekend getaways, vacations, and every day.  This blog is dedicated to sharing all that we discover during these Life Bus adventures with any kindred spirit who feels the same way we do.

It is my hope that you will enjoy traveling around virtually with me and my closest friends as we explore our world.  I will be sharing information on anything and everything awesome we experience … trails, competitive events, gear reviews, food, festivals, and anything else that we think you should definitely know about!!

So who are these other Life Busers?  This is truly an eclectic group: real rocket scientists, a management consultant with crazy photography skills, avy experts, rope rescue expert, climbing gurus, backcountry ski bum, biomedical engineer (my husband), a preschooler, and more.  One additional bond we all share is our membership on the Alpine Rescue Team which I may write about from time to time as well.  Stay tuned, they will all be making guest blog appearances from time to time.  Oh yeah, there is one 4 legged friend on the Bus as well … our beloved brown dog Daisy.  Recently, there was a new Life Bus addition, our Border Collie puppy, Clover.

I truly hope you like what you read and look forward to hearing from you if you try out any of the things I blog about.

Life is short, get out there and live!!