To understand just how good the pie is at the Otis Cafe and why it merits its own pilgrimage to Otis,  you have to know that you are going to Otis exclusively for the cafe.  Otis is basically an unincorporated community in Lincoln County, OR.  It is one of those places so small that it has been put up for auction with a starting bid of $3 million dollars.  Included in this fire-sale were such items as:  the gas station, mini grocery store, Pronto-pup corn dog stand, two houses, the Otis post office, the Otis Cafe, an auto-repair garage and … well you get the idea … a very small place.

Have I mentioned before that I love food … very high on that list of favorite foods is strawberry-rhubarb pie.  In fact, Todd and I make it a goal to try to find some form of this tasty treat on every trip we take.  So when we heard about the Otis Cafe and its pies there was no doubt that we would have to make our way to Otis.  The gods were smiling on us that day.  To date, this is still the best strawberry rhubarb pie we have ever experienced.  The cafe is a quintessential, quaint roadside diner that epitomizes a road trip pit stop.  There wasn’t anything we had that wasn’t amazing.  And if strawberry rhubarb isn’t quite as much your thing as it ours, never fear, there are numerous other pie options to delight your tastebuds.  So please, if you’re driving along the Oregon Coast, do yourself a favor and veer off the road to the Otis Cafe.  Enjoy!!  And, as always, if you try Otis Cafe out, let me know your thoughts.