Due to the lack of snow for most of this winter in Colorado, our fat bikes have been sadly collecting dust in our garage.  Every time I would drive in to the garage, I would see my neglected, forlorn fat bike.  It was making me nuts that I couldn’t ride it.  Finally, the snow started flying and we were recently able to get up to the mountains to do some snow riding.

We had our sights set on the trails at Devils Thumb Ranch.   We usually prefer snowy single track but the one tricky thing about fat biking is the trail conditions have to be just right to really be able to ride.  Powdery, unpacked snow on trails means you will be plowing your bike through snow, and most likely falling off a lot into deep snow.  Not that this isn’t fun but you shouldn’t expect to go too many miles under these conditions.  Hint:  The best single track trail conditions are after snowshoers have packed things nicely down and then it is just an amazing way to recreate.  Since we had just gotten a fair amount of snow, we decided the maintained trails at Devils Thumb would be the best for perfect biking conditions combined with beautiful views.  These trails didn’t disappoint.  We got to really ride our bikes instead of use them as snow plows.

Here are some views of the giggly fun we had at DTR.  We got in about 9 miles and my legs were toast,  we are at 8,500 feet so I’ll take it!  If you love to bike, and you love to get out on trails in the winter, fat biking is a great way to combine both of these pursuits. It’s a serious form of aerobic exercise, combined with laughs and mountain views.  The great thing about riding the snow is that, most of the time, when you fall you are falling on soft white stuff.  Obviously, if it’s icy or rocky you might want to check your speed 🙂


If you ever get the chance to rent, or buy one, I couldn’t recommend it more.  You will smile, laugh, and get a great workout in all at the same time.  My bike is the Salsa Mukluk with 4.6″ tires purchased from Golden Bike Shop in Golden, CO.