So ya’ gotta eat while you are on an adventure, right? My friends routinely tease me because I vividly remember meals I have eaten on my travels. What can I say, I am a devoted foodie. I was blessed to have a mother who was an amazing cook and food was a big part of our family and our travel experiences. It isn’t typically super fancy food that I love, however. I am usually a sucker for the local watering hole with simple local specialties. Two tiny restaurants in Coral Bay, where I can remember each morsel I ate, are worth mentioning.

Miss Lucy’s is a tiny restaurant where your dinner table is practically sitting in the waters of Coral Bay. I can’t imagine many better places to enjoy a meal than looking out over the Caribbean with your toes almost in the water. Sometimes, the setting of a restaurant can compensate for a lot when the food is merely mediocre. This is absolutely not the case with Miss Lucy’s. If anything eclipses the fabulous setting it is the pina colada pancakes. These were LOADED with pineapple, coconut, and banana chunks and the fluffiest batter I’ve ever tasted. Todd and I also ate dinner and lunch at Miss Lucy’s. All of these other meals were very good as well. It is the pancakes, however, that I continue to dream about!! [slideshow]

Donkey Diner with kick ass food was another culinary highlight. Exactly what you’d want on a Caribbean adventure. Total boho vibe with amazing food. Todd had the stuffed french toast with mango pineapple chutney and I had the burrito special. Both meals were amazing and the staff was great. You can see that I really do vividly remember every great meal experience. So when the Life Bus takes you to Coral Bay, make sure you check out both of these places for your meals. Great locations, great vibe, and great food. What more could one ask for?