IMG_2386Well hello world!  Somewhere along the way, a few years ago which I can hardly believe, my Life Bus careened off the road and into the ditch where it has unfortunately stayed, growing weeds around it all the while.  Somehow I allowed myself to lose sight, and control, of my Life Bus values and let the pressures of the rat race take control of my world.  Don’t get me wrong, I still did a lot of amazing things and traveled to some amazing places with friends and family, but those moments were sandwiched in between a lot of rat race shenanigans.  Turning 50 last year helped me regain clarity of what really matters in my life and how much I love exploring this world and sharing those adventures with other Life Bus adventurers and explorers.  I am excited to be back on the dirt and out of the weeds.  Please stay tuned for a lot of fun and some new things coming to this blog in 2018 from me, Pam, and Lynda.  Let’s have some fun and get out there in 2018.  Here’s to many great adventures for all!  I hope you all find our stories entertaining, informative, helpful, and, maybe if your Life Bus is stuck in the weeds, inspiring as well.