I’ve established pretty well, I believe, that I really love good food and finding interesting food venues whenever and wherever I travel.  For the last year or so I have been traveling frequently to Salt Lake City for work.  In one of my first trips to SLC I was tooling around the downtown area when a little, brick, cookie shop called Ruby Snap Cookies caught my eye.  Having a mighty large sweet tooth I had to stop and check it out.  I was smitten at first bite.  Since this first encounter I have purchased enough Ruby Snaps to feed a small village.  Whenever I’m in town I have to make to make several pitstops to satisfy my Ruby Snap cravings.  I also started purchasing these cookies to bring to my client accounts.  You would be amazed at how many doors were opened or relationships forged as a result of me presenting my clients with these cookies.  Ruby Snap Cookies

These cookies are moist, flavorful treats in traditional and unique flavors.  The cookies are named after 1940’s girls’ names reminiscent of those images painted on the sides of fighter planes.  Penelope is the best peanut butter and chocolate cookie you will ever try, Vivianna is mango and chocolate, Margo is a chocolate cinnamon cookie with a molten milk chocolate center, and Judy has velvety orange cookie dough topped with cream cheese frosting.

You know that five second rule with food?  For these cookies I would extend it to the five minute rule.

If you can’t get yourself to SLC to enjoy these freshly baked treats, don’t panic.  The good news is that Ruby Snap does have a website where you can order frozen cookie dough in numerous flavors.

When riding around on The Life Bus, you always need to have some good sweet snacks close by.