On our layover in Juneau between our East Turner Lake adventure and flying to Gustavus, we had exactly one hour before our plane left.  There was never any question between the four of us how we would spend that hour.  We literally ran from the airport gate to the taxi cab stand, flagged down a cab, and said “take us to Tracy’s Crab Shack.”  The cab driver raced through the outskirts of town to Juneau and careened up to the Shack.  We ran up and ordered 4 buckets of claws and Alaskan ambers.  (I’m drooling just writing this.)  Inhaling would be a good adjective to describe how we woofed down the moistest, most flavorful, meatiest crab legs you can imagine.  Tracy’s is a supporter of Alaska’s sustainable fisheries as well.   [slideshow]  Tracy’s King Crab Shack

We had our first taste of the divineness that is Tracy’s while we were in Juneau the night before heading out to East Turner Lake. The guide book had indicated good crab located by the cruise ships.  Both were understatements.The crab is amazing and the Shack is basically right up against the cruise ships right by the gang planks passengers use to load and unload from the ships.  It’s tiny size is dwarfed by the hulking ships a few feet away.  Tracy’s is one of those tiny shacks that make you wonder how they can produce the quantity and quality of the food they do.  Topping off the great seafood we had Alaskan ambers.  This was one of those moments you have to ask, does life get any better than this.

We jumped back in the waiting taxi and made it to the airport just as they were loading up the plane.  I think Greg is still in amazement at the fact that we spent $100 to get crab legs. Hope that gives you an idea of how good this hole-in-the-wall is.  To me, Tracy’s represents one of those places and times in a trip you just want to last forever.  Good food, good friends, great memories!  The spontaneous nature of this outing to Tracy’s is pure Life Bus living!