So I don’t seem to have a terribly large amount of pictures demonstrating the concept of illumination.  The ones I do have, however, I think really portray illumination beautifully!!  Let me know what you all think!  The first one is from a sunset picnic dinner Todd and I took on Rialto Beach while camping in Olympic National Park.  I love the luminosity of the light in this photo.  I was certain this was the moment we were going to get engaged.  Everything was perfect.  Alas, I had to wait another year and a half for him to pop the question.  The second picture is from our first campground on the Serengeti.  I totally felt like we were in the movie Out of Africa. This was such a great camping experience.  A minute earlier a massive elephant had walked right by the front of our tents.  I love how the lanterns illuminate the background and our tents.  The final photo is another one from Olympic National Park.  This was the view from our tent at our campground on the Ho River Trail.  I love how the sunrise illuminates our campground.  Click on the images individually to enlarge each one of them.

Thanks so much for taking the time to have a look!!!