I love a chocolate company that provides not only for my milk chocolate needs but also for my motivational ones.  Thanks to Dove,  I recently enjoyed these three little tasty treats and as a bonus I got three profound life messages.  “Be fearless, Do what feels right, and Get out there and make your dreams happen.”  I’m the kind of person who loves daily mantras that help keep me in a positive mindset, thankful for what I have, and encourage me to be strong.   These couldn’t have been more perfect for me.  They gave me that little boost I needed for the day … not to mention the chocolate was pretty tasty too.  I think three pieces is my limit, however.  I must admit, for a moment,  I was tempted to eat a few more to see if there were any more salient tips for me.  I guess chocolate and mantras have at least one thing in common, there is such a thing as too many.  Now go out and be fearless, do what feels right, and make your dreams happen.